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Abolish the Jesus Trade - Introducing a Biblical Response to the Commercialization of Christianity

Our purpose here is to highlight and exalt the radical generosity of God’s heart, confront the commercialization of Christianity, and promote the biblical teaching that ministry should be supported but never sold. We want to explore the history of how we've gotten to the point where it's the respectable default to monetize ministry, and take a deep dive into the Scripture’s teaching on the subject. We believe our evangelical cultural moment has a serious blind spot in this area, and we hope to be a voice of reform. Overall, we seek to take seriously what Jesus commanded in Matthew 10:8: “Freely you have received; freely give.”

It’s important for you to know that at the core of all of this we want to take the time to revel in the beauty of God’s generous heart! The very fabric of Scripture sings with the glory of a God so radically generous that he freely gave us life, a universe of splendor, rain and sunshine, the laughter of children, the sweetness of his word, and even his only Son. All without charging us a subscription fee. We want God’s example to be our north star. He is our joy and treasure.

Put simply, we want to help people understand the difference between selling ministry, which Scripture condemns, and supporting ministry which Scripture commends. Let's abolish the Jesus trade.

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Beginning track: "Ballad in Plain Red" by Derek Webb

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