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Ministry should be supported, not sold.

Here you can find a wealth of resources, from casual conversations to in-depth exegesis of passages. For those who prefer audio, we also cover much of this material in the podcast.


Christians Who Sell Jesus



The Command to Freely Give

Jesus gives us a clear command regarding money and ministry, but do we still follow it today?

Giving out of Obligation to God, Not Man

There is a big difference between giving as colabor and giving as reciprocity, and that difference is God.

Does Jesus’ Command to “Freely Give” Apply Today?

In biblical interpretation, context is key, and so does the context really indicate that this command applies to Christians today?

The Scope of Jesus’ Command to Freely Give

Interpreting it too broadly or too narrowly misunderstands Jesus' expectation for ministry.

Ten Times Commercializing Ministry Is Condemned

Many have tried to profit from ministry, even back in biblical times.

The Biblical Model for Funding Ministry

How biblical funding differs from the commercial practices many use today.

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