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Ministry should be supported, not sold.

We’re a group of pastors and disciples of Jesus, who love him and want everyone to have free access to truth about him. The commercialization of ministry deeply concerns us, practically and theologically. We hope you’ll take a moment to carefully consider God’s Word on this matter.


Christians Who Sell Jesus



The Command to Freely Give

Jesus gives us a clear command regarding money and ministry, but do we still follow it today?

Giving out of Obligation to God, Not Man

There is a big difference between giving as colabor and giving as reciprocity, and that difference is God.

Does Jesus’ Command to “Freely Give” Apply Today?

In biblical interpretation, context is key, and so does the context really indicate that this command applies to Christians today?

The Scope of Jesus’ Command to Freely Give

Interpreting it too broadly or too narrowly misunderstands Jesus' expectation for ministry.

Ten Times Commercializing Ministry Is Condemned

Many have tried to profit from ministry, even back in biblical times.

The Biblical Model for Funding Ministry

How biblical funding differs from the commercial practices many use today.


Should Preachers be Paid?

Jesus was clear that the preached word should be freely given, so is it right for preachers of God's Word to be paid? Yes. As this article explains.

Biblical Counseling Should Be Free

Biblical counseling is ministry and so should flourish through generous funding, not by charging those seeking healing in Christ.

Charging Fees for Biblical Counseling?

Should a ministry relationship, either in its initiation or continuation, ever be conditioned on the payment of a fee? Should the fulfillment of a biblical responsibility to care for God's people ever be conditioned on the p...

Objections to Paying Pastors

Some people have been so put off by the commercialization of ministry that it has led them to question whether pastors should be paid at all.

Should Christian Ministry Be Supported by Ads?

Some things in life require honor and respect, and shouldn't be turned into advertising opportunities.

Licensing & Copyright

Copyright & Jesus' Command to Freely Give

If a minister is to give freely, has he really done so if he retains exclusive rights to the content of his proclamation?

Letting Go – Releasing Biblical Content

This paper addresses many of the concerns that are raised by those desiring to openly license resources and describes a strategy that equips the global Church for freedom. Although it doesn’t advocate for dedicating all mi...

The Problem with Creative Commons ShareAlike

It is only through waiving every claim to works of ministry that the gospel may be freely given as it was freely received.

On the Specter of Copyright Hijacking

Can someone republish public domain works and claim them as their own? No, here's why.

The Bondage of the Word: Copyright and the Bible

For nearly a century, copyright legislation has been subtly but effectively applied, misused and abused in regard to the word of God in order to chain the Bible to a new pulpit, differing in kind but not ...

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