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How the Jesus Trade Harms the World - the Iron Curtain of Copyright & Cost - episode 3

Now that we’ve spent some time laying the biblical foundations for freely giving ministry, it’s story time. I want to share some anecdotes and interview clips to give you a picture of the bitter fruit of the Jesus trade. When we refuse to follow Jesus’ command in Matthew 10:8 to freely give the grace that we have freely received, the repercussions are tragic. Much of the fallout of the modern Church’s obsession with monetizing ministry has been invisible to Westerners. That’s because it’s usually casting a dark shadow on people in other countries who don’t speak English or who aren’t as wealthy.

Special thanks to Fausto, Danillo, Paulo, and Botros for being willing to share about the reality in their countries.

Here are some of the resources referenced in the video, as well as some others that might be helpful:
Free and Open: Bibles without Copyright Restrictions:
Daniel Block interview:
Books and articles on copyright (including "Against Intellectual Monopoly"):
Bible Publishers - Stewards or Gatekeepers?
United Bible Societies open resources:
STEP Bible:
Center for New Testament Restoration:
The Dorean Principle:
The Christian Commons:
Does Jesus’ Command to “Freely Give” Apply Today?:
Common Objections:
Ten Times Commercializing Ministry Is Condemned:
Books and Resources on the topic:
Easy conversations to help you understand these issues better:

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