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Podcast episode 16

Obligation and Compulsion - Conversation 6

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As Tim and his pastor continue their conversations, they tackle the question: Where should our sense of obligation lie when giving to support Christian ministry - to God or to man? Looking at biblical illustrations like a soldier's wages and an ox treading grain, they walk through 1 Corinthians 9 to see how Paul unpacks the idea of "mediated obligation."

Giving should stem from love of and obligation to God, not indebtedness to one of his servants. This is the difference between prohibited "reciprocity" (quid pro quo payment) and permitted "co-labor" (voluntary support of shared gospel work).

Just as temple offerings supported priests, congregations should fund pastors freely and cheerfully. Compulsory giving (forced by paywalls) nullifies the sacred standard of Scripture. We must foster true obligation to God alone for Christian ministry, and not require payment directly from those Christ has called us to minister to.

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