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Podcast episode 14

What's up with Paul? - Conversation 5

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As Tim and his pastor continue their conversations, they try their best to grapple with some passages from the Apostle Paul that can be confusing. Why is Paul willing to receive money from people in some circumstances and unwilling in others?

Walking through key passages in 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians, they explore the distinction Paul makes between reciprocity (payment in exchange for preaching) which he rejects, and co-labor (sharing resources to spread the gospel further), which he permits. Using illustrations involving a daughter's misguided attempt to pay her father and a new believer's desire to repay an evangelist, they clarify Paul's motivation - to avoid even a hint of commercializing the free gospel while welcoming assistance that aids its advance. The implications for pastors' salaries and modern ministry financing are also discussed. Join them as they unravel Paul's nuanced perspective on funding the work of God's kingdom. You'll gain a new appreciation for both the purity and partnership Paul exemplifies regarding money and ministry.

Read the conversation here.