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Podcast episode 10

Typical Objections to the Biblical Teaching that Ministry Should Be Free

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In this episode Jon, Conley, and Andrew discuss some of the common objections that typically come up when Christians encounter resistance to the Jesus trade. There are a lot of people with their entire lives invested in a system that monetizes ministry like everything else on the market, and when we point out that the Bible condemns the sale of ministry, but commends the support of ministry through the free generosity of God’s people, there are a few knee-jerk reactions that tend to come up often. So this conversation is about these typical objections, and we do our best to respond. We hope this is helpful and edifying, and we realize that not everything we say in these conversations will be perfect or exhaustive, and so we encourage you to diligently search the scriptures for yourself and weigh what we have to say in the more thorough articles and resources over at

Music: "Hidden Beauty" by Liborio Conti,