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Podcast episode 30

FirstLove Ministries - with Joe Jacowitz

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Our guest in this episode, ⁠Joseph Jacowitz⁠, has been the pastor of Christ Bible Church, in Pleasanton, CA since 1990. He and his wife Sherry have been married since 1978 and have five children and eight grandchildren. Most importantly, for this podcast, Joe is the president of ⁠FirstLove Ministries⁠, which is one of the few ministries that truly lives out the ⁠Dorean Principle⁠ of freely giving and doing ministry by faith and funding everything through the provision of God through the free generosity of the Body of Christ. This is the first in what we hope will become a series of episodes in which we interview ministries that have rejected the Jesus Trade and are living out the command of Christ and the example of Paul, refusing to sell Christian ministry, but rather relying on God for all necessary finances to function. Although we may not always share all peripheral convictions with these ministries, we do share the core conviction of freely giving and taking a stand against the peddling of God’s Word. If you lead a ministry that seeks to reflect God’s heart by not commercializing Christianity, and you’d like to share about your ministry and God’s faithful provision as Joe has in this interview, please feel free to ⁠reach out to us via email⁠.